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TRanslational Initiative on Unique and novel strategies for Management of Patients with Heart failure (TRIUMPH) – Academic Medical Center (AMC), Amsterdam

Principal Investigator: Prof. Dr. Y. Pinto
CTMM Program manager: Erna Erdtsieck-Ernste
Heart failure is a progressive disease with major impact on patients and society. The two major causes of heart failure are overload of the left ventricle as a result of deteriorating heart tissue, and inflammation of the left ventricle. The TRIUMPH project aims to identify biomarkers (both blood-based and tissue-based) that can be used to assess the level and nature of left ventricle overload, as well as the level and nature of inflammation. The objective is to identify a set of meaningful circulating and non-circulating biomarkers for which new biosensor and imaging technologies can be developed.
The project consortium will then develop new point-of-care biosensor technologies that are capable of detecting the circulating (blood-based) biomarkers in a patient, which will allow physicians to measure or even predict a patient’s level and degree of heart failure. The consortium will also develop novel imaging technologies that are capable of imaging non-circulatory (tissue-based) biomarkers.
The discovered biomarkers and associated new technologies will be clinically validated in selected patient groups. Moreover, this will enable the treatment of heart failure patients and the monitoring of the effects of treatment much more effectively.
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Prof. dr. Y. M. Pinto has recently accepted a chair at the Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam, at the Heart Failure Research Center. He is trained as a medical doctor and obtained a PhD on molecular regulation of the renin-angiotensine system in heart failure. He subsequently extended this work into the molecular genetics and genomics of heart failure. His goal is to use advanced biological tools to tackle clinical questions and thus integrate knowledge from 'molecule to patient'.

Prof. dr. Y. M. Pinto:
" 'TRIUMPH' the program now approved by the CTMM creates a historic opportunity: it is the first time ever that the largest industries of the Netherlands (Philips, Organon, DSM) and the universities of the country together with the national cardiovascular organisations, ICIN and the Netherlands Heart Foundation, all come together with the single purpose to improve care for a patient with heart failure. One may expecte that combining forces at this scale should deliver novel practical solutions for this debilitating disease."

Industrial partners:
  • Philips Electronics
  • MSD Oss 
  • DSM Biomedical Materials
  • BG Medicine
  • Lead Pharma
  • ACS Biomarker
Academic partners:
  • Interuniversitair Cardiologisch Instituut Nederland (ICIN), Utrecht ,
  • Academisch Medisch Centrum (AMC), Amsterdam,
  • Universitair Medisch Centrum Utrecht (UMCU), Utrecht,
  • Maastricht University Medical Center (MUMC), Maastricht,
  • Erasmus Medisch Centrum (EMC),
  • Universitair Medisch Centrum Groningen (UMCG), Groningen,
  • Technische Universiteit Eindhoven (TU/e), Eindhoven,
The CTMM Triumph project also receives additional contribution from the Netherlands Heart Foundation .
Status of the Triumph project end of 2009: PDF (download)
Triumph project presentation at the CTMM Annual Meeting 2010: PDF (download)
In response to the first call for project proposals in 2007, the Center for Translational Molecular Medicine (CTMM) announced on April 1, 2008, that nine first-call projects would receive research funding amounting to a total of 150 million Euro. On March 10, 2009, it announced that eight new project proposals, submitted in the fall of 2008 in response to the second call for proposals, will receive funding amounting to a total of almost another 100 million Euro.
All Dutch university medical centers, plus several universities, a broad spectrum of small and medium-sized enterprises, major industry leaders including Philips and DSM, and the Dutch Government are involved.
The funding is provided by the Dutch government, industry and academia. The research is focused firmly on the ‘translational’ aspects of molecular medicine so that results can be applied as quickly as possible to actual patient care.
Triumph is one of the projects from the first call.




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